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Stock exchange

North Macedonia in 2008 was on the 29th spot, according to the full range of the stock exchange. North Macedonia is the 20th export and 40th import partner of Slovenia. The value of the stock exchange between Slovenia and Macedonia in 2008 amounted 227,1 million, with export value from Slovenia to North Macedonia of 181,3 million, and value of imports from the country 45,7 million.

The range of the stock exchange between Slovenia and North Macedonia in the first three months of 2009 amounted 42,227 million. Slovenian exports of goods in North Macedonia in the first three months of 2009 amounted 37,124 million, while imports 5,103 million. Slovenian companies, despite the financial economic crisis continued their investments in North Macedonia.


According to the Bank of Slovenia, Slovenian investments at the end of 2007 amounted 192 million euros, and thus in 2007 noticed an increase of 64%. Slovenian investments, according to the data from the Bank of Slovenia at the end of 2008 reached a value of 173 million euros, which means 10% reduction by 2007. North Macedonia targeted 2.9% of the total number of Slovenian investments abroad.

Slovenian investors expressed strong interest in investing in the field of food-processing industry, the banking-financial sector, light industry and furniture, outdoor equipment and home appliances, construction and engineering, tourism, chemical industry, pharmacy, logistics, computer, electronics, information and communication technologies, graphics, energy and ecology, textile industry, steel and metal processing industry, etc.


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