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Ambassador Jazbec congratulated the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Oliver Spasovski for the formal membership of North Macedonia to NATO

On the occasion of the formal membership of the Republic of North Macedonia to NATO, ambassador Jazbec in his capacity as NATO Contact Point Ambassador congratulated the Prime Minister Spasovski.

Ambassador Jazbec outlined: 'It is my esteem pleasure to warmly welcome North Macedonia in NATO and congratulate to your citizens for this important achievement. Slovenia feels honoured and proud to play a role of the NATO Contact Point Embassy twice, but particularly recently, in the period of firm integration efforts and accession to the Alliance after invitation was issued and membership achieved.'

Slovenian ambassador in his letter stated that North Macedonian membership presents an outstanding importance for the country, but also for the region of the Western Balkans and the Alliance itself. It is the confirmation of a NATO open door policy. It is a contribution to the regional security and stability that is now – in the time of corona virus crisis and still ongoing migrant crisis – even more important. And it is refreshment for the Alliance as well. Each new member brings enthusiasm, devotion and some niche expertise. North Macedonian record in international peacekeeping missions is long, rich and successful.

In his letter ambassador Jazbec pointed out the role of three Slovene officers that gave their seal to the NLO mission: Brigadier David Humar, Captain (N) Gorazd Bartol and Colonel Zoran Jankovič.